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Eurovent Consultancy

Eurovent Certification sets performance ratings according to European standards for products manufactured in the HVAC sectors...

Product Design

We believe that product design will be extended in line with the principles of, Customer and Market Requirements, Easy Productivity...

Hygiene Consultancy

Air Handling Unit Hygiene Certification aims to ensure that the air handling units contain hygienic features that guarantee maximum...

Software Developer

Air Handling Selection Software, Air Handling Unit Production Software, Coil Production Software, Fan Coil Selection Software...

About the company

Enforde Engineering Services was founded by Sefa Bulut in 2014 and is an engineering company that provides Applied R & D services to its customers in the fields of Product Design, Product Development, Project Management, Software Development, Certification in all business lines covered by HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Sector. Enforde Engineering Services provides R & D and P & D services for the units of the national and international companies in advanced engineering studies. The main business line is advanced engineering services, technical consultancy and software development for manufacturers in all business lines covered by the HVAC sector. The services offered by our company in the field of advanced engineering include identifying, implementing and finalizing the design processes of the products needed, and delivering the product to the customer in a turn-key manner. These design steps; It covers all processes starting from market research until the user manual is prepared.

Our company aims to be a worldwide company in the field of advanced engineering services in HVAC industry.

Our Designs

Air Handling Unit

It is the design of the Air Handling Unit with the highest values according to EN 1886 standards. It can be designed according to different values...

Fan Coil

There are hidden ceiling type and fall type according to the body type. It has two-pipe and four-pipe features according to the type of heat...

Roof Top

There are only types with cooling or both heating and cooling. There is a heat recovery option. R410A gas is used as refrigerant. There is R407C...

Pool Dehumidification Unit

It is used to provide moisture balance in indoor pools. There is a cooling cycle and heat recovery system. R410A refrigerant is used.

Heat Recovery Unit with Dx

It is a fresh air heat recovery device. There is a cooling cycle with heat pump, so both heating and cooling can be done. There is a bypass...

Heat Recovery Unit-Eco Design

It is designed to perform heat recovery while meeting the fresh air requirement of the environments. There is filtration in fresh air and...

Unit Heater

It is designed to meet the heating needs of areas such as warehouse, indoor gym. Available in cooling option. Speed controlled fan is used.

Jet Fan

It is designed for ventilation in car park ventilation and fire situations. Its flexible design provides great convenience in service and...

Ceiling Type Air Handling

It is a solution used in air conditioning of small areas. It takes up very little space and is quiet.Low energy consumption is achieved by using EC fan.

High Pressure Fan Coil Unit

It is used in applications where high flow needs high pressure. The sound level is low.Low energy consumption is achieved by using EC fan.

Axial Fan Unit

It is used in ventilation applications where high flow is required. It has a special wing design.Low energy consumption is achieved by using EC fan.

Ventilation Unit

It is used as ventilation exhaust fan of comfort applications. It has low energy consumption and low noise level.

Cabinet Fan Coil Unit

It has aesthetic and high technology design. Quiet and high comfort features, exclusive design. Digital Control System

Compact Air Handling Unit

High energy efficiency with its standard and compact design, EC fan and Heat Recovery system.

A+ Heat Recovery Unit

High efficiency values with Counter Flow heat recovery and EC fan usage. Compact design. Digital Control System

Ecology Unit

It filters odor, smoke and oil. It comes to the fore with its Kompack and special design. Digital Control System

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Most frequent questions and answers

Products and designs that determine the future of businesses are realized under ARGE units. For this reason, it is a process that requires specialization for reaching the maximum yield in the Quality-Time-Cost triangle of the ARGE projects and should be carried out within the project management discipline. As Enforde Engineering Services, we aim to realize product design and development activities with PMI (Project Management Institute) methods and project management within the framework of ethical rules by giving APPLIED ARGE service to our customers outside of the firms in order to reach the maximum rate of quality-time-cost triangle.

The product development process begins with the desire to differentiate the existing product from the market in terms of information that can not meet customer needs, or to differentiate the product from its technical or commercial counterparts. The first step to achieving this goal is to present a simple and continuous solution that will satisfy the customer’s demands by perceiving the customer requests correctly and making minimum changes on the existing design.

As Enforde Engineering Services, we believe that product design “Customer and Market Demands, Easy to Produce, Continuity” principles will extend the product life life. Good design; It should include design elements that can provide continuous service with minimum technological sub-structure that will minimize operating costs during product life, which can be easily produced with minimum workload and minimum resource consumption and can provide price advantage at this value.

Each project has a start and end time. The main objective of the project is to complete the projects in the cost-time-quality triangle in the most efficient way. Achieving this goal provides the most efficient evaluation of firm resources. The success rate of the projects without following the project management principles is very low.


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