Enforde Engineering Services was founded by Sefa Bulut in 2014 and is an engineering company that provides Applied R & D services to its customers in the fields of Product Design, Product Development, Project Management, Software Development, Certification in all business lines covered by HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Sector. Enforde Engineering Services provides R & D and P & D services for the units of the national and international companies in advanced engineering studies. The main business line is advanced engineering services, technical consultancy and software development for manufacturers in all business lines covered by the HVAC sector. The services offered by our company in the field of advanced engineering include identifying, implementing and finalizing the design processes of the products needed, and delivering the product to the customer in a turn-key manner. These design steps; It covers all processes starting from market research until the user manual is prepared.

Business Ethics Rules

The rules of business at Enforde Engineering Services constitute and shape the essence of our corporate culture. Our common practices help us to consistently guide our behavior throughout our lives. Our business ethics have been part of the spirit of our company since we were founded.


Honesty and accuracy are our prior values in our business processes and relationships with all our stakeholders.



As Enforde Engineering Services; we take care to protect the confidentiality and privacy of all our stakeholders. In our projects, the information that our customers or our production do not share with other people or companies.


3.Conflict of Interest

As employees of Enforde Engineering Services, we aim to avoid conflict of interest. By taking advantage of our duty in our company; personally, we do not provide personal benefits to individuals and organizations that we and our families have in business relationship with. Apart from Enforde Engineering Services, we are not in business activity based on an additional financial outcome.


4.Our Responsibilities

Our Legal Responsibilities

We conduct all our activities in the Republic of Turkey abroad and foreign laws and rules of international law be enforced in the nation, the right to regulatory authorities and institutions, we offer reliable and understandable information in a timely manner.

Our Responsibilities to Our Customers

We work with a proactive approach that serves our customers’ needs and requests as quickly as possible and in the most accurate manner. We offer our services on time and on the terms we promise; customer satisfaction-oriented, respect for our customers, honor, justice, equality and courtesy rules.

Our Responsibilities to Employees

We ensure the full use of the personal rights of all our employees. We treat our employees honestly and fairly, providing a safe and healthy work environment in which non-discriminatory hygiene requirements are fulfilled. We offer our employees the bottom line for personal development.

Our Responsibilities to Suppliers / Business Partners

We behave fairly and respectfully and show the necessary care and effort to fulfill our obligations on time and in full. We carefully protect the confidential information of our suppliers and business partners.

Our Responsibilities to Our Competitors

Avoid unfair competition and creating environments, effectively compete only within the legal and ethical rules.

Our Responsibilities to Society and Humanity

We are trying to provide all the necessary conditions for the protection and sustainability of human and environmental health in all the projects we develop. With the technical work we have prepared, we help young technically educated people to grow up and contribute to the development of our sector in our country.