Hygienic Certificate for AHU

Air Handling Unit Hygiene Certification aims to ensure that the air handling units contain hygienic features that guarantee maximum air quality and ensure the continuity of applications.
With this certification, the quality of the materials used in air handling units, the selected components and components of the housing level by controlling the maintenance level of the plant’s hygienic expectations are guaranteed.
Air quality control in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, clean rooms and all buildings plays a key role in today’s building design. Air handling units are at the forefront of the air movement in the buildings and are the basic element in providing the best climate solution.

There are 3 different independent institutions which will be Eurovent, TÜV SÜD and TÜV NORD which can be obtained for air handling units.

There are 3 different independent institutions which will be Eurovent, TÜV SÜD and TÜV NORD which can be obtained for air handling units

Eurovent Hygienic Certificate

Today, professionals face new challenges and precise calculations based on performance data to meet the carbon footprint reduction goals and to meet the constraints imposed by building codes.
While several environmental labels advocate good air quality for commercial buildings, the realities on the market are very different. The present Hygienic Standards are in fact limited to the hospitals and pharmaceutical environments to which they are applied. This is why ECC has developed a hygienic option certificate for air handling units. The approval process included four groups of experts: end-user representatives, manufacturers, technical and scientific experts, and national authorities.
This certification program includes 60 requirements for the hygiene standard. These requirements are; production, transportation, materials (conforming to European standards), maintenance, body performance, air purification (arrangement and performance of components – filters, batteries, heat recovery systems, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and silencers). Compared to the existing hygienic certification, the amount of each requirement is defined or clearly defined in the new standard. Annual audits document the ability of a manufacturer to produce hygienic power plants. After being certified with a hygienic option, the air handling unit will be declared suitable for the different applications defined by its classification: 

The Hygienic option is a certification by range proposing 3 levels of certification representing by stars​

All the requirements are listed in the RS, they are related to the following topics:


Metallic Materials
Non-Metallic Materials
General AHU Arrangement
Inner Casing Surface
Inspection,Maintenance and Cleaning
Filter Maintenance




Coiling and Heating Coil
Heat Recovery System
Fan, Silencer





Certification Consultancy Service; 

This document covers the management of all processes from the first application process of the document to the receipt of the document, the creation of relevant documents, the organization of audit organizations, the management of technical issues with the software company, and all business items in its processes.

  • Pre-examination of your company by checking the suitability of receiving documents is made.
  • Eurovent Certificate applications are being made.
  • Your air handling unit selection program is checked prior to Software PreCheck to ensure that the audit passes smoothly.
  • Factory audit organization is done.
  • It is ensured that the control is made before the factory audit and the audit passes smoothly.
  • Real Unit and Model Box selections are made.
  • Real Unit and Model Box are controlled after production.
  • Software corrections are made according to Real Unit and Model Box results.
  • We ensure that all processes of certification are managed and received.

Eurovent Auditors regularly conduct audits within the scope of document rules by Eurovent Auditors every year. In these inspections, if non-compliant practices have been performed, this is reported and the manufacturer is asked to correct it. If these unsuitable practices are not corrected within the specified scopes and periods, the certificate is canceled. We prepare the company for this audit with the annual Audit Consultancy service and ensure that the audit passes smoothly. Within the scope of this audit;

  • Monitoring and transferring the updates published by Eurovent to the company and correcting them in the Air Handling Unit Selection program if necessary
  • Pre-inspection before actual inspection and detection and correction of any defects before actual inspection
  • Organizing the audit
  • Representing the company in real audit and managing the audit
  • Answering the questions asked by the auditor during the audit
  • Creation of the Air Handling Unit Selection Program Update Document and submission to the auditor
  • Follow-up and correction of errors, if any, after the audit
  • Seamless completion of the audit

Products that we provide Eurovent Consultancy Service

  • Air Handling Unit
  • Hygienic Air Handling Unit
  • Roof Top
  • Fan Coil
  • Plate Heat Recovery Unit


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