Why is the Air Handling Unit Selection software important for manufacturers?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Air Handling Unit Selection Software

The designs of air handling units can be defined under two main headings as standard products and customer-specific designs. In customer-specific designs, products are designed according to different working conditions and different sizing. Air handling unit selection software is an indispensable tool for manufacturers at this point. With the help of this software, you have the opportunity to design your products in the conditions and sizes you want. In these designs, different fans, coils, filters, heat recovery, etc. It is possible to design components.

With this software, the product tree can be dynamically prepared and the real sales prices of the products can be calculated. In this way, air handling units that can fully meet the demands can be designed and priced in a very short time. 

This software includes 3rd party software. These are the software of the manufacturers of main component products such as fans, heat exchangers, heat recovery, motors and filters. In this way, the up-to-date products of the manufacturers can be selected in air handling unit design. This allows the design of the best air handling unit in terms of both price and performance. 

If the manufacturing companies have the Eurovent Certificate, this software is regularly checked for technical competence annually. In this way, the software can always stay up to date. This means that they guarantee product performance for their customers.

The following operations can be performed with Air Handling Unit Selection Software

  • Designs with different sizes and technical features

  • productsPricing of products

  • Creating detailed technical reports Creating

  • 2D or 3D drawings and exporting them Calculating energy class

  • According to different brands, fans, motors, frequency inverters, filters, heat recovery types, heat exchanger coils, humidification systems, accessories

  • Designing of air handling unit automation systems

  • Recording of projects

  • .….


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