Product Design

As Enforde Engineering Services, we believe that product design will be extended in line with the principles of, Customer and Market Requirements, Easy Productivity, Continuity En and will extend the life span of the product.

Good Design; It should be able to easily understand customer and market requirements and can be produced easily with minimum workload and minimum resource consumption.

Product design is managed through project plans prepared by PMI (Project Management Institute) methods and monitored, managed and reported with the Project Management Plan to be prepared by a Project Manager appointed by our company. The main target of this project plan is to complete the project in the Quality-Time-Cost triangle with maximum efficiency.

Design products that can be worked on Air Handling Unit, Hygienic Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil, Roof Top, Standard & Kitchen Aspirator, Package Type Hygienic Air Handling Unit, Pool Dehumidification Unit, Heat Recovery Unit, Heating and Cooling Air Apparatus bil Product Design The following steps are taken in the plan;

Product Design Road Map

We are working on product design projects in full scope. We carry out all the processes from market research to preparation of the user manual.

Design Services

Data Sheet created during the Design Project stages:

Competitor Analysis

Pre-Desing Prototype

Material List and Price

Feasibility Report

3D Design and Real Unit

Production Drawing

QC Documents

Design Verification

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